Quincy Car Crash Leaves Two Seriously Injured

A car crash on Granite Avenue in Quincy on Wednesday 12/7 has left two teenagers with serious injuries, with one remaining hospitalized for further care. According to reports, the crash happened around 3:16 P.M. and resulted in substantial damage to both vehicles. Initial reporting indicates that one of the vehicles appears to have crossed over […]

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Woman killed in Watham car accident

A woman was killed instantly in a three-car accident in front of 1163 Main St. at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday. One of the vehicles tapped a car going east on Main Street, then proceeded down Main Street for several hundred feet, crashing into another vehicle.  Many factors such as excessive speed, sleepiness, carelessness or distraction […]

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Statistics on when most deadly car accidents occur

Here are some interesting statistics published by the IIHS on when most deadly crashes occur: In 2010, the month of February had the lowest number of crash deaths. Motor vehicle crashes by month, 2010 Month Deaths % January 2,290 7 February 2,016 6 March 2,423 7 April 2,777 8 May 2,934 9 June 2,795 8 […]

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Article on Car Accidents and Erectile Dysfunction

Here is an eye-opening article that I came across on Men’sHealth.com discussing the link between car accidents and erectile dysfunction. Scary stuff. CAR ACCIDENTS AND ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION I am often asked by a patient if a car accident can cause erectile dysfunction. The simple answer is YES. An erection is a complex event that is dependent […]

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Milford bicyclist struck by car

A 14-year-old Milford boy is recovering after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle on Spruce Street Monday night. The boy, Nicolas West, suffered head trauma, but the extent of his injuries is still unclear, said police. Superintendent Robert Tremblay said Tuesday night that he was told by the boy’s mother Daniele Sarkisian […]

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Car accident kills Massachusetts motorist on Route 495

A Carver man was killed in an accident on Route 495 Thursday night. Two vehicles were traveling southbound, north of Exit 2 on Route 495 when, around 11:10 p.m., a 2004 Ford F-250 left the road and come in contact with a tree, according to a preliminary investigation by State Police Trooper Adam LeBlanc. The […]

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