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Five Frequently Asked Questions in Personal Injury Cases

Do I have a case? One of the first questions that comes to mind after someone has been injured in an accident is, “do I have a case?”  In some cases, it can be difficult to determine right away who the at-fault party is and whether a third-party acted negligently or recklessly such that they […]

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Child Birth Deaths Trigger Internal Review at South Shore Hospital

According to reports, South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA is conducting an internal review and has notified state officials after two women died from complications during childbirth in one month. Hospital spokesperson, Sarah Darcy, said Sunday that the deaths last Wednesday and December 14 appeared to be “unpredictable” and “unpreventable”. It is this writer’s opinion […]

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Preventable deaths in hospitals

Here is an interesting / alarming article concerning the shockingly high number of preventable patients deaths that occur each year in hospitals. According the Institute of Medicine, an estimated 200,000 preventable deaths occur in hospitals each year. That’s more than 3,800 every week. That is equivalent to two jumbo jet passenger airplanes crashing and killing […]

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Alarming new study estimates up to 440,000 deaths per year caused by preventable medical errors

The full article can be read on Here is the summary of it: In 1999, Americans learned that 98,000 people were dying every year from preventable errors in hospitals. That came from a widely touted analysis by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) called To Err Is Human. As it turns out, those numbers were […]

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five BMC patients exposed to Hepatitis B

State health officials are investigating how five patients may have been exposed to hepatitis B at a Boston hospital, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said Sunday. During treatments, the five were potentially exposed to the virus at Boston Medical Center and are being monitored, the hospital said. How the patients may have come into […]

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