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Patient dies of cardiac arrest days after medical visit

The decedent was a 44 year old father who  visited his primary care physician on multiple occasions complaining of chest pain. In 2007, the patient’s primary care physician had noted in the patient’s medical records that the patient’s laboratory results put him at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. The patient also had a history of […]

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Curran & Desharnais helps homeowners fight mechanic’s lien

It’s bad enough when a contractor takes your money, then won’t finish the work on your home; but, when a subcontractor or supplier comes after the homeowner for the contractor’s debt that is taking it too far. Attorney Joseph K. Curran, Jr. of Curran & Desharnais was faced with such a case. Attorney Curran successfully […]

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Realtors survey: First-time home-buying down

Realtors survey: First-time home-buying down In reviewing 35 years of survey data on home buyers and sellers, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced five notable real estate trends. The organization’s survey, called Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, dates back to 1981 and is the longest-running series of national housing data evaluating the demographics, […]

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Seller sued for fraud years after clean-up

Seller sued for fraud years after clean-up A recent case highlights the importance of disclosing any environmental contamination and clean-up that took place on your property when you sell it, even if you sell it “as is.” A New Jersey appeals court decided that a seller’s failure to disclose such information could expose him to […]

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Quincy Car Crash Leaves Two Seriously Injured

A car crash on Granite Avenue in Quincy on Wednesday 12/7 has left two teenagers with serious injuries, with one remaining hospitalized for further care. According to reports, the crash happened around 3:16 P.M. and resulted in substantial damage to both vehicles. Initial reporting indicates that one of the vehicles appears to have crossed over […]

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What you need to know about APR

Many mortgage shoppers are confused about the difference between a loan’s interest rate and its APR, or annual percentage rate. Understanding APR can be extremely valuable, because it can allow you to compare different loans more effectively and figure out which one is truly best for you. But you’ll also want to understand the limits […]


Buyer sues although property was purchased ‘as is’

A buyer who discovered that her new house was contaminated with mold can sue the seller, even though the house was purchased “as is” and the seller specifically said there might be mold in it, according to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Catherine Fricano bought the house from a bank that had acquired it in […]