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Herniated disc injuries

Only a person who has experienced cervical or lumbar disc problems can fully appreciate just how painful and debilitating these injuries can be. The pain can be excruciating and unrelenting. Spinal (intervertebral) discs are tightly sandwiched between two vertebrae to which they are attached.  The discs are round and flat with a tough, outer shell (capsule) […]

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Preventable deaths in hospitals

Here is an interesting / alarming article concerning the shockingly high number of preventable patients deaths that occur each year in hospitals. According the Institute of Medicine, an estimated 200,000 preventable deaths occur in hospitals each year. That’s more than 3,800 every week. That is equivalent to two jumbo jet passenger airplanes crashing and killing […]

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Southborough, MA Motorcycle Accident

According to a report in the Metro West  Daily News, a Framingham Firefighter was seriously injured in an accident this past weekend when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with an alleged drunken driver. According to the report, Framingham Firefighter, Joseph Keefe, 54, was riding his motorcycle on Rte. 9 in Southborough when a […]

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Mendon Motorcycle Crash

This blog has recently written about what seems to be an uptick in serious motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts. According to the, a Hopedale, MA man was seriously injured in an accident at approximately 7:15 on Wedneday night following a collision with a truck. Richard C. Johnson of 193 S. Main St., Hopedale, was riding […]

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Motor Vehicle Injuries

Every day thousands of people are hurt or killed in motor vehicle related accidents. The economic impact of motor vehicle accidents is also noteworthy. According to CDC statistics, the lifetime cost of crash-related deaths and injuries among drivers in 2005 was estimated at $70 billion. In the United States… ·         Every 16 minutes, someone dies […]

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Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the CDC, in 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, and another 70,000 pedestrians were injured. This averages to one crash-related pedestrian death every 2 hours, and a pedestrian injury every 8 minutes.1 Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in a […]

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sample complaint for MA motor vehicle accident

Despite all of the articles we post, sometimes I think it helps people to look at actual documents filed in real cases. Even as a lawyer, when I attend a seminar or research a particular topic, I always find myself looking for more. Hopefully, some of you will find this helpful. This is a fairly […]

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