Arm and wrist injuries

Well over a million people suffer arm fractures in the US each year. Most arm fractures are due to major traumatic injuries, such as falls on an outstretched arm, motor vehicle accidents, skiing accidents, assaults and child abuse.

The arm contains three major bones with connections at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The main bones are the humerus, which connects the shoulder to the elbow, the radius, and the ulna, the latter two of which connect the elbow to the wrist. The radius is on the thumb side of the arm and is the most frequently broken of the three. Wrist fractures are the most common of all fractures among people under the age of 75.

There are different types of fractures of bones in the arm (and elsewhere in the body) including: 

 Depending on the location and severity of the fracture, treatment may include:

Arm or wrist fractures should be taken seriously. Complications can occur if the fracture was severe, affected nerve areas, or are/was poorly treated. Complications following an arm fracture may range from chronic stiffness and pain, to infection, nerve or blood vessel injury, or compartment syndrome, a serious condition in which increased pressure within a confined area impairs blood supply and possibly leads to nerve damage and muscle death.

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