Why head injuries must be taken seriously

It was not that long ago that a blow to the head perhaps in a sporting event or in an accident was considered be a short-lived event with no long-term consequences. However, over the past decade, our understanding of the intricacies of the brain has advanced through continued research which has shed new light on the long term effects of head injuries.

What sometimes seems to be a minor bump to the head can carry long-term consequences. Today, we know that any trauma to the brain has to be taken seriously. There is no slight blow to this vital organ whose alteration, no matter how slight, can have potentially irreversible consequences. When a head injury occurs, one should go to a doctor, and get to one immediately.

One problem that many who have suffered a brain injury have encountered is that no one recognizes that a loss of consciousness has occurred. Hospital personnel sometimes note no “LOC” (loss of consciousness) in an injured patient’s chart, but that history is typically based upon a statement from the very person who lost consciousness, and then reports that he or she does not recall losing consciousness.

It is important to recognize that a loss of consciousness does not require that a person be found on the ground with his or her eyes closed. A loss of consciousness occurs whenever one loses a sense of his or her surroundings. Whenever anyone is unable to recount what happened immediately after a blow to the head that person has likely suffered a loss of consciousness and accompanying TBI (traumatic brain injury).

If a family member or friend suffers such an injury, do not dismiss it as something that will pass. It is important to make sure the history is accurately recorded in the medical records, and look for signs of a traumatic brain injury -short-term memory loss; irritability; inability to recall the “right” word; and/or an inability to perform multiple seemingly simple tasks at the same time. These are symptoms of a TBI, and need to be taken seriously, and treated immediately.

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