Massachusetts Trucking Accidents – Importance of Taking Quick Action

An 18-wheeler is a massive vehicle which can bring about destruction of anything in its path.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008, more than 4,200 people were killed and 90,000 were injured in crashes involving large trucks.

Collisions that sometimes happen on crowded roads or in dangerous weather conditions can and do cause devastation to drivers of cars that crash with big rigs, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Often times, one of the most crucial pieces of evidence in a truck accident case is the truck driver’s log. It gives important information about the driver’s alertness, training and attention to truck maintenance.

Also, many tractor-trailers are equipped with a computerized “black box” that records important information such as:

 While this information can help prove driver recklessness, it can also be lost if not preserved shortly after the crash.

 A trucking company whose rig has been involved in an accident and its insurance company will immediately begin an investigation in an effort to limit your recovery. It is essential that you obtain prompt medical attention for your personal injuries and quickly hire an experienced trucking accident attorney in MA to preserve evidence and protect your rights. Failure to act promptly can reduce or eliminate your chances of obtaining compensation for a truck accident injury.

We have handled numerous truck accident cases involving serious injuries. Please let us help you with your truck accident claim. Contact us today for a free consulation.

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