Can a Restaurant or Bar be Liable to Customers for Injuries Caused by Third Parties?

While every case is different, the short answer to that question is yes.  Cases in which customers are injured due to the actions of third parties (usually other customers) are typically referred to as negligent security cases.  Sometimes, the injuries are caused by employees or “bouncers” working at a bar or nightclub who are unqualified, or who have been improperly trained, improperly supervised, or both.

Negligent security law, a subset of premises liability law, is the basis on which an individual injured by another – such as an intoxicated customer or a “bouncer” – seeks to hold liable the owner or possessor of the premises on which the individual was injured, rather than the perpetrator (the person who caused the injury).  The reason for this is that the law imposes a duty upon owners and possessors of land to provide reasonable security measures and to protect lawfully present individuals from reasonably foreseeable acts (e.g. crimes) of third parties.

The following is just are just a few examples of places where these type of injuries can occur:

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