Do I need an attorney to settle my personal injury claim?

The short answer to this question is no, however, you should retain an attorney if you want to increase your chances of getting fair compensation from an insurance company.  Below are just a few of the reasons why you should retain an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your personal injury claim for you:

1.         The insurance companies know that you are less likely to sue if you don’t have a lawyer representing you;

2.         If you do sue them, they know you will probably lose as the insurance companies have experienced defense attorneys protecting their interests, and they know you are not a trained attorney who knows how to practice law;

3.         They are skilled negotiators and know that they likely have more negotiation experience than you do;

4.         They would rather get rid of you with a small offer than have to pay you a fair and reasonable amount a lawyer could get for you;

5.         They care about maximizing corporate profits, which is made much easier by dealing with injury victims who do not have legal representation on their side. 

Personal Injury

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